Why us?

Empowering our clients’ future growth
Averlent Corporation develops technological solutions that enable seniors to age with dignity.

Who we are!

Industry professionals focused on a vision
We strive to keep our clients informed about our new technological advances, legislative activity, best practices and general industry trends.

What we do!

Creating robust technology for dignified aging
The Averlent Technology Suite currently consists of four products. We have a fifth cutting-edge product under development.

We fill needs

img1Our firm was founded to fill a single void in senior care: fostering a family member’s communication with businesses providing services to a loved one. That initial vision launched our journey. Now, we proudly create and support comprehensive, need-driven technology for an entire industry.

img2The robust systems we develop are both accessible and affordable. Furthermore, their output frequently provides life-changing benefits. Producing something with that degree of impact gives our entire team a tremendous element of satisfaction. We continue on a path to bring others rewarding outcomes.

Interests served

  • Patient Advocacy
  • Family Communication
  • Caregiver Management
  • Community Outreach
  • Governmental Compliance
  • Branding & Visibility