A New Era of Contact Intelligence


You’ll never again lose touch with any of your contacts. Employing a combination of cutting-edge artificial intelligence and passive crowdsourcing, CircleBack manages your address book like no other. Cloud-based technology ensures all of your contacts are available to you on any device while machine learning efficiently and accurately de-dupes them, fills in missing information, and even updates your record when a contact’s information changes.

CircleBack for Business

CircleBack for Business employs our SharedIQ intelligence engine, allowing your business to take advantage of the CircleBack solution to scale. Allow CircleBack for Business to manage your contact databases, and stop the 30%-per-year contact decay in your CRM and Marketing Automation System. Equip your sales force with CircleBack for Business, and take advantage of our best-in-class business card scanner, our email signature converter, and our one-click CRM export tool to create an up-to-91% increase in prospects making their ways into your system.

Accurate, Up-to-Date Contacts, Always

Employing the combined power of artificial intelligence and passive crowdsourcing, CircleBack is always at work on your contacts, making sure that you have the most complete, accurate, and up-to-date information available.

All of Your Contacts Together

CircleBack connects with a wide variety of popular social/networking platforms to bring together your various sets of contacts. Now, in a single, secure address book, you can leverage a whole life of contacts.

Keep Contacts Safe in the Cloud

After bringing together and updating your whole world of contacts, CircleBack securely stores them in the cloud, protecting against device failure and social platform failure or obsolescence. That way, if you make a contact, you’ll always have them. Until you don’t want them, that is.

Access Your Contacts on Any Device

With CircleBack’s Sync, having your complete contact list on all your devices is simple. When enabled, Sync allows your entire cloud contact record to be exported to as many address books as you like.

De-duping at the Speed of Thought

With CircleBack, you’ll never look at two contacts named “John Smith” and wonder if they’re the same person again. Our intelligence engine analyzes billions of data signals to determine when two contacts are the same, and when they just have the same name.

Best-in-Class Business Card Scanning

CircleBack’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) business card scanner comes straight from the best, ScanBizCards, and has been listed among Forbes Top-5 networking tools. Employing 5-star rated, best-in-class technology, business card scanning with CircleBack is simple, quick, and utilizes one of the most accurate scanners on the market.

ContactSaver Saves Contacts from Gmail

With a direct link to the TechCrunch favorite ContactSaver, CircleBack allows you to scan your Gmail account, capture signatures from contacts you want, and import their contact information into the CircleBack cloud.

Enterprise Solutions

CircleBack for Business offers a variety of solutions for large-scale contact management. In addition to leveraging our powerful intelligence engine to launder and update contacts stored in your business’ CRM or Marketing Automation System, CircleBack for Business also offers the ability for your sales force to export new contacts into your systems with one-click ease and accuracy.