Cleanup Suite

An Absolute Time/Life-Saver

The Simple Power of CircleBack De-duping

Cleanup Suite is a fast, effective way to de-dupe your contact list. In seconds, it transforms a haphazard contact book—filled with multiple, incomplete contact records—into a streamlined contact machine.

Banish Redundancies

Redundancies in a contact record mean one thing: wasted time. Cleanup Suite works quickly and effectively to locate and merge all contact duplicates so you can reach who you need when you need to.

There’s More than One “John Smith”

Rather than automatically merging similarly named/numbered/emailed contacts, Cleanup Suite gives you the choice. With a few simple clicks, you can merge them all together or hold a few back if they’re truly different contacts.

Power and Choice

With our five-star-rated app, we never do anything on your behalf. We won’t merge contacts or delete records. Instead, we give you the power of our technology and the choice to use it to best suit your needs.