A Must-Have for Business and Sales Pros

Email Signature Capture from CircleBack

Connect ContactSaver to your Gmail account, and start uncovering email signatures hidden in your inbox. A TechCrunch favorite, ContactSaver intelligently converts these email signatures to contacts and adds them to your Gmail address book.

Searches Gmail for Signatures

Don’t waste time thumbing through your Gmail to find or save a contact’s information to your address book. ContactSaver will look for you with one click, compiling email signatures into contacts to be uploaded into your Gmail address book.

Save Only the Contacts You Want

You don’t want contacts for everyone that emails you, and there’s no reason for you to have to delete them manually after the fact. ContactSaver previews all converted contacts and gives you the quick, one-click ability to keep them or not.

Syncs Effortlessly with CircleBack

You may like ContactSaver alone, but you’ll love it with CircleBack. After pulling contacts from emails in ContactSaver, you can easily add them to your master contact list in CircleBack. Simply open the CircleBack app, and ContactSaver contacts will automatically appear, ensuring you’re never without these contacts—up-to-date and accurate—again!

Geared Toward Professionals

So many services offer email signature capture that it’s hard to know which to choose. ContactSaver offers signature capture technology that grabs business names and professional titles in addition to basic contact information.