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Your CRM Data Quality is at an All Time Low

Your CRM’s contact data is, right now, at least 25-30% incorrect (though most leaders we work with laugh and say “you mean more like north of 50%”).

Your CRM data is out of sync with your Marketing Automation software because you just don’t know which records are the right ones. Your sales force and marketing teams constantly complain that they don’t have enough contact data, that they get too many bounce-backs and are not reaching the right targets.

So you actively work to solve this by buying the better-quality lists at over 50-cents a record, and, still, you find a large chunk of this data is not accurate. The more you try to fix the quality of the data, the more you realize that contacts are moving jobs, getting promoted, changing phone numbers. You can’t keep up.

Meanwhile your sales force is out getting business cards from prospects and clients, getting emails from them too, and yet, up to 91% of that data isn’t making into your CRM. No matter how much your organization encourages its sales teams to keep contact data current, no progress is made. You are still being overcharged by your marketing automation software because you are paying by the contact record, even though you know that thousands of these records are wrong.

Sound familiar? It should. But, in this problem, you are not alone. We’ve committed ourselves to solving the Contact Problem once and for all using our collective and artificial intelligence systems.

How We Help You

We use real data from real users to feed our core database, data from email signature-lines and scanned business cards, not incomplete junk scraped or crawled from the web. But getting real data is only the first step; we must then make sure it is the most current data, and, for that, we turn to SharedIQ, our artificial intelligence engine. By processing billions of data points every day, SharedIQ is able to determine the most accurate, up-to-date information for each contact, creating the most accurate contact record you’ve ever seen.

We provide three products in the CircleBack For Business Suite that solve three different elements of the contact problem.

Contact Updating

CircleBack keeps your contact databases up-to-date. No matter where your contacts go or what changes they make to their addresses, phone numbers, titles, or email, SharedIQ finds and feeds their updated information directly into your corporate contact databases. By easily integrating with your CRM database or Marketing Automation Software, you get a single, definitive instance of a contact you can trust.

Contact Retrieving

CircleBack helps you retrieve all your contacts that exist today but aren’t in your CRM. By targeting unentered data—those stacks of business cards that sit on a sales person’s desk—and email signatures that haven’t yet been added as contacts, we catch your data hemorrhages at the source and redirect their flows directly into your CRM. Between our best-in-class business card scanner (and bulk upload options) and ContactSaver —our intelligent email signature capture— potentially lost contacts will now find their ways into your CRM. And, with CircleBack, they’ll always be up-to-date, saving you thousands of dollars in list-purchase fees.

Contact Enriching

CircleBack has over 4 million users and 500 million contact records, and, every day, we analyze these records for patterns. Why? Because these patterns provide many interesting insights, like “how many sales people a prospective buyer is engaging with” or “how likely it is that a potential buyer is buying right now”. We can even discern the strength of an individual sales rep’s network. With CircleBack, you’ll add insight to your contact data that helps your marketers and sales teams target more efficiently.

The proof will be in the money we help you save or generate.

There is only one way to see how well we can solve your Contact Problem. Try us. We offer flexible and transparent subscription pricing with a refund guarantee. Come talk to us about how we have helped clients just like you.

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