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Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) Impact on Employers With 50 or More Employees in 2016

Since March of 2010 Applicable Large Employers (ALE’s) have been anticipating the impact of Affordable Care Act Implementation. After years...


  4 Common Cyber Threats and Steps to Address Them   Living in the digital age, organizations are increasingly at...

6 Tips to Prevent Construction Worksite Accidents

Construction is dangerous work.  In an article posted by Property Casualty 360, it was reported that more than 80,000 construction...

8 Steps for Choosing the Best Individual Health Insurance

Determine the essentials. While you can’t predict sudden injuries or illnesses, there are some medical needs that can be anticipated....

Covering the Disability Income Gap

Employer group disability income plans offer tremendous tax advantages to both employer and employee. The employer can deduct premiums as a business expense, and they do not count toward the employee’s taxable income.

Affordable Care Act Update

The Supreme Court is hearing arguments in King v. Burwell, which could decide the fate of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Meanwhile, other changes have affected administration of the ACA.