SuSy, Dp-Branes, And Green-Schwarz Analysis: The Sparticle Vacua And The Big Bang

One may wonder, What came before the Big Bang? If space-time did not exist then, how could everything appear from nothing? . . . Explaining this initial singularity —where and when it all began—still remains the most intractable problem of modern cosmology, science and philosophy in general. ~ Andrei Linde: I might add – will always remain so, never to be ‘solved’!

An equation means nothing to me unless it expresses a thought of God. S. Ramanujan!

In my last post, I showed that the kappa symmetric algebraic equation:

Kappa Symmetry, Dp-Brane Super-Lagrangian Action(s), and SuSy Calabi-Yau 'Tipping'

Physicists are more like avant-garde composers, willing to bend traditional rules and brush the edge of acceptability in the search for solutions. Mathematicians are more like classical composers, typically working within a much tighter framework, reluctant to go to the next step until all previous ones have been established with due rigor. Each approach has its advantages as well as drawbacks; each provides a unique outlet for creative discovery. Like modern and classical music, it’s not that one approach is right and the other wrong – the methods one chooses to use are largely a matter of taste and training. ~ Brian Greene!

If supersymmetry is to make touch with reality, not only its 'breaking' needs to be demonstrated, but a mathematically harder hurdle and philosophically deeper matter must be met: and that is to show that a solution to the kappa symmetry algebraic equation:

A Sasaki-Einstein AdS/CFT Duality, SuSy, And Dp-Brane Conic Orbifolding Of GR

It was mathematics, the non-empirical science par excellence, wherein the mind appears to play only with itself, that turned out to be the science of sciences, delivering the key to those laws of nature and the universe that are concealed by appearances. ~ Hannah Arendt!

The main appeal of the AdS/CFT duality is its holographic reconstructive 'elimination' of spacetime, and thus, by