Topology, The Orbifold Delta Function, And 3 - D Gauge Analysis

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In this rough-draft post, I will derive the 3-dimensional topological gauge 'part' of the action of supergravity. In my last post, I derived the orbifold Delta function

Deriving The Orbifold Delta Function Via Effective 4 - Dimensional Kähler Action(s)

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In this stage-setting post, I will derive, via effective 4-D string-theoretic actions, the orbifold Delta function, to be used in upcoming posts on flux compactification analysis. Theoretically, 4-dimensional effective action(s) can be derived via S-Matrix analysis and one can then easily write massless field actions that yield the correct scattering amplitudes. However, a better and geometrically more elegant way is to derive the Beta functional equations of motion and analyze the action(s) in that setting: in fact, that is the only method that yields us the crucial and philosophically deep orbifold Delta function. Let me set all the super-charged fields to zero with large discrete symmetry: