Teach thy tongue to say “I do not know” and thou shall progress ~ Talmud (Tractate Berachot 4a) – Misattributed to Maimonides!
Art, to the extent to which it aims to 'reach' beauty, is philosophy. Philosophy, to the extent to which it aims to 'reach' knowledge, is art ~ George Shiber!
Have the courage to know, but more importantly, have the courage to doubt ~ A. Ghazali!
Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh and the greatness which does not bow before children. ~ Khalil Gibran!
Think of it: of the infinity of real numbers, those that are most important to mathematics — 0, 1, √2, e and π — are located within less than four units on the number line. A remarkable coincidence? A mere detail in the Creator's grand design? I let the reader decide. ~ Eli Maor, 'e: The Story of a Number' (1994)!
You honor me by reading this. My academic quest in life is to unify Einstein's Theory of General Relativity with Quantum Field Theory: my research in M-Theory has led me to the conclusion that the universe is a 'AdS/CFT'-hologram. Also, it leads to the need for removing the big-bang singularity from quantum cosmology, as well as implying an infinite age of the universe - my ultimate aim is to prove the 'AdS/CFT Holographic Principle' Conjecture: 'reality' indeed is infinitely stranger than any imaginable fiction! I targeted Charles Parsons, Haim Gaifman, Shaughan Lavine, Issac Levi, Sidney Morgenbesser, Thomas Pogge, Edward SaidHerves Jaquet, David Albert, and Melvin Schwartz to study philosophy, logic and the mathematics that underlies string theory and supersymmetry at Columbia University. Spent my first year at Harvard University, before transferring. Got into philosophy, logic, mathematics and the unification problem in physics at a very young age. Did my Doctoral studies in mathematical logic and philosophy at The Graduate Center/CUNY under the supervision of Jerrold Katz and Elliott Mendelson: amid the many views I revisionistically and provisionally adhere to, I am a Metaphysical Realist, Virtue Epistemologist, Virtue Ethicist, all things Arthur Danto on Art and Aesthetics, and a Mathematical Platonist. I have worked on the Proof-Theoretic Analysis of Impredicative Type-Free Para-Consistent Dialethecist Theories of Truth and on variants of the Indestructibility Property of Vopěnka's Principle (in Set-Theory). I am a post-humanist, quasi-atheist/methodological agnostic, ex-existentialist, recovering Marxist, liberal-egalitarian, and Habermasian 'leftist'. I have a blog on radio: you humble me if you listenAs of 2015, I have been researching the Fukaya Categories and Picard-Lefschetz Theory of SuperString/M-Theory.

I also had the privilege to study SuperString/M-Theory at The Institute for Advanced Study with Edward Witten, Michael AtiyahShiing-Shen Chern, and Chen-Ning Yang - and have worked on Supersymmetry, T-duality, the AdS/CFT Correspondence, Quantum Gravity, U-Duality, and Mirror Symmetry. Any questions you may have about SuperString/M-Theory ... or about my thesis, CV, or advisors ... or anything: please feel free to e-mail me ... or better, call me and let us talk all things scientific and philosophical - 917 545 8391 New York, N.Y. Having said that, I can only be humbled if I can bring you some intellectual joy when it conveniences you.

Plato is my friend - Aristotle is my friend - but my greatest friend is truth. ~ Isaac Newton!
Religion is a culture of faith; science is a culture of doubt. ~ Richard P. Feynman!
Without education we are in a horrible and deadly danger of taking educated people seriously. ~ Gilbert K. Chesterton!

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