The Witten Super-Dubrovin 'Compactification Chern-Simons' Formula

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In my last two posts on the Witten Equation, I showed that in the context of Picard-Lefschetz Theory, it entails the non-forking, super-stability and hyper-categoricity of M-theory, making it, up to isomorphism, the only unification theory possible between Einstein's ToGR and Quantum Field Theory, as well as derived the Dubrovin connection and related it to Kähler-Witten integral and showed that it is a necessary condition for the action-principle of any such unified 'Theory-of-Everything'. Let's delve deeper.

M-Theory, Space-like Branes, and their Dirac-Born-Infeld Action

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How to make a space-like brane time-like, and why it matters. In this post, I will derive the Dirac-Born-Infeld S-brane action for Euclidean D-world-volumes in the S-brane context of super-condensation of non-BPS branes. Space-like branes are a class of time-dependent solutions of string/M-theory with topological defects localized in (P + 1)-dimensional space-like surfaces and exist at a moment in time, and are time-like super-tachyonic kink solutions of unstable D(P + 1)-branes in string theory and provide the topology of the throat-bulk. They are also deeply explanatory in quantum cosmology.

Kähler Analysis, Peccei-Quinn-Symmetries, and Compactification

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In my last two posts, I launched a series where M-Theory can be Calabi-Yau fourfold-compactified, let me make a connection with PQ-symmetries in this post.