The National Guard Association of Maryland (NGAM) was organized in 1981 when it was recognized that Maryland was one of only a handful of states without its own representative organization. A group of concerned officers, after some study, created NGAM. The organization was designed to represent the interests of the Maryland National Guard, Army and Air. The organization was not founded to be a social club, but rather to represent our membership in the political arena. By virtue of its independent status as a non-profit organization, it was designed to serve as an advocate for the Maryland National Guard.

OUR FOUNDING FATHERS (Top row, L to R): CPT Carl Nagel, III, Treasurer; MAJ Josiah "Butch" Fuller, Vice President Army and Executive Director; MAJ Ronald E. Steiner, President; LT J. Marc Wolfgang, Vice President, Air; MAJ Bruce Blanchard, CAC Rep.; (Bottom row, L to R) MAJ James H. Berger, BDE Rep; CW2 Ralph L. Weller, HHD Rep; LTC Joseph L. McLaughlin, ANG Rep. CPT Thomas C. Majerus, Secretary.

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