Recon Capital Partners, LLC is an SEC Registered Investment Adviser headquartered in Greenwich, CT. The firm provides investment solutions for institutional investors, financial professionals, and individual investors. Recon Capital focuses on using its investment expertise and operational infrastructures to deliver market-driven, value-added products that meet the evolving needs of global investors.

Recon Capital’s strategies provide investors with the potential advantages of diversification, risk mitigation, low-correlation and enhanced risk-adjustment.Recon Capital provides investors daily liquidity and transparency.

Recon Capital’s investment philosophy is that portfolios need to have the ability to rebalance easily, the opportunity to make strategic allocation decisions without any constraints, the flexibility to make frequent tactical changes, and provide investors with the comfort of knowing that their assets can be converted to cash each day. Investing is a long-term endeavor which requires discipline and our portfolios are positioned to sustain a wide variety of market environments.

Risk Management
Recon Capital places the highest priority on preventing losses as risk mitigation is at the forefront of our investment process.. Our strategies offer the potential for superior performance in bull and bear markets because the risk associated with the portfolios are quantifiable. One way we seek to achieve superior performance is by focusing on high quality investments that will produce absolute risk-adjusted returns over the long run. We also believe every equity portfolio can benefit from disciplined and efficient hedging and investment decisions driven by a statistical probability of success.

Strategic Asset Allocation and Diversification
Recon Capital is committed to asset allocation and diversification, both among and within asset classes. Diversification entails thoughtfully combining multiple uncorrelated return and volatility streams to create a portfolio that targets a given rate of return with lower risk than could be achieved through any of the component asset classes. Our strategies diversify among asset classes such as equities, fixed income, real estate, commodities and cash, which we further diversify by geography, investment style, and market capitalization.

Liquidity and Tactical Portfolio Shifts
The only constant in the world of investments is change whether foreseeable or unforeseeable. Portfolio shifts are tactically changed among asset classes considered when market valuations create compelling opportunities that can be harvested to generate excess returns while managing risk.