Welcome to Fuertsch.com

PJFNet.org, soon to be Fuertsch.com is still under construction so please bare with the inconsistencies yet found across the site.  This site is a place to capture and share bits of life, both of my immediate family and the extended family and friends.  The photos in the above slider are either of the family, our pets, projects, or of some of our favorite landscapes and events.  If you are a Fuertsch and have photos or content that you would like to include here, just contact me via this form.

Fuertsch.com is organized around several primary topics and related landing pages, as noted below, but Fuertsch.com now also contains blog posts which are categorized to allow you to dynamically browse an up-to-date list of your favorite posts by category or subcategory – just go to the blob page, or use the sidebar for navigation through the categories and related posts.

The Family Page is a fairly large and contains five primary sections:

  • Family Events: Contains a list of key family events across the decades, like 50th Wedding Anniversaries, Family Vacations, etc.
  • Family By Year: Provides a year-by-year view of family events and “The Best Of” photos for each year. And “Best Of” does not necessarily imply a great photo, but rather is more focus on preserving or sharing a moment in time. Don’t worry, each year is presented via a vertical Tab structure to ease navigation and to avoid overload.
  • Family Blob Posts: Family and all other Blob Posts are found under the top menu of All Blog Post.  Blog Posts are new to Fuertsch.com and this the number of entries are stillsparse, but I expect that they will grow over time. Blog posts are smaller snippets that might contain videos or photos, but that are not large enough to merit their own page under the Family Events page, even though they still represent and event that we enjoyed or otherwise want to share with the family.
  • Other Fuertschs: Contains information from other Fuertsch families around the US and the world.
  • About Me: Is a short Professional Background for me, which is how this site came to be at one point in 2003 when I was in between jobs.
The Projects Page contains notes and photos from projects across the years. It is organized by primary project type, including Automotive Restoration, Home Computing Fun & Function, and others.
Many pages within Fuertsch.com contain photos, but the Photography Page is a varied assortment of some of our favorite photos from across the  years, with no particular categorization. Photos range from family, to scenery and cityscape across Moab Utah, Tokyo Japan, the 100th anniversary of the Tour De France, the US Embassy in Canada five days after 911, a view of the Golden Gate bridge from a roadside area in the Oakland hills where I would drive my old FJ40 Land Cruiser and have wonderful cookouts with friends on my Smokey Joe grill, and many others.
The Red Canyon Design (RCD) Page provides a short background about Red Canyon Design, a small company that I started when between jobs many years ago. This page provides example photos and provides a direct link to the primary RCD Web site as well.
Other Interests Serves as a holding ground for things that don’t fit into the above categories, such as Bio-Diesel, Lander WY, Climbing Mt Washington, etc.
It has been interesting to see the number of old friends and other Fuertsch’s that have reached out to contact us through Fuertsch.com.   As an example, Gabrielle and Peter Fürtsch from Saxonia Germany found us through searching the Internet and locating us here at Fuertsch.com. With this new revision of Fuertsch.com, I am hopeful that I will be able to provide pages for other Fuertsch’s where you can add, change, and basically create your own area and pages within Fuertsch.com. See the Family Page  in the Other Fuertschs tab to see more about Gabiele, Peter, and their family. And if you are interested in this, please contact me to see if we can set you up as a user so you can add some of your own thoughts and content to Fuertsch.com.

This site is still under construction and even though you got here via pjfnet.org, the goal is to move this site to Fuertsch.com sometime relatively soon. After a quick assessment of the available Web creation tools available today, I have decided to move away from iWeb to WordPress, and with this, am still learning how to properly and consistently develop and roll out this new site. For additional details concerning the migration from iWeb, the goals of this site, and more about the design thoughts, please see the Fuertsch.com FAQ Page.
Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!