About Us

The PressTigers squad is as diverse as they come. From college grads to drop-outs; corporate zombies; data entry specialists; freelancers and failed entrepreneurs – we all have something to contribute. This level of diversity was no happy accident; we’ve been able to fight our way through every puzzle we’ve faced.

We value quality over quantity. Our core focus is on 100% Transparency and Open communication.

  • Flexible modal, meeting emerging client needs and ever evolving techni cal advances.
  • Matured Processes, Ring alarm at right time if something is going to be bad.
  • Evolve relationships, we try our level best to work real close with our clients
  • Stay consistent, assure reliability. Stick to the task.
  • Keep right people in team, value those who take the job seriously
  • Continuous learning, every single day is a new experience. We try not repeat mistakes Client feedback drives our company’s direction.

Our Skills

Web developement


Video edition


Web design


Online marketing


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