Sniper’s Hide Online Training Videos

This is an example of the Paid Online Training Lessons found in the Forum which are also part of our DVD Series

In the Forum

Using the Forum, to access the Online Training Forum. The subscription for the Online Training will be a recurring fee of $10 per month which can be paid via Pay Pal. The fee aside from going to support Sniper’s Hide will give the Member certain discounts to Sniper’s Hide Products such as the Training DVDs, as well key Partners will be providing discounts for your membership. What you receive for $10 a month is access to the lessons located in the Online Training Forum.

To Sign up

To access the Online Training in the forum go to Settings for your Forum Account> on the Left click: Paid Subscriptions > Online Training and use the Pay Pal account listed. A paid subscription will automatically grant the user access to the Online Training Forum. Once you have signed up, please log off and log back on to set the permissions to access the forum section. Once you are signed up, please keep your Pay Pal account updated as it controls the access from this point forward. Any changes will go through Pay Pal, as you can management your subscriptions from your Pay Pal account. You can unsubscribe at any time, please note these are automatic recurring payments. It’s purpose is for monthly access to the lessons.

You can expect 2 new lessons per month, and while you have a member you have access to 100% of the lessons listed. The lessons will either be written or in video format.

We welcome direct interaction from everyone who joins the online training. We feel instruction is a two way street best accomplished through intelligent discourse. If you have questions, need a clarification, or have a comment, please post it. Because this is a paid service the interjection from those less desirable elements found on the internet should be cut to an absolute minimum, improving the nature of the conversation over an open forum.

Refunds / Canceling / Payment Issues

You may cancel at any time. Canceling the recurring subscription is done through Pay Pal. To cancel go to your Pay Pal account and simply cancel your subscription, access will be automatically removed by the system.

If you lose access due to an issue with Pay Pal, simply go to your Pay Pal account and update the information Pay Pal requires. If you are banned from SH, and want to cancel the subscription go to Pay Pal and cancel it. Neither the moderators or the admin will do so, so it is up to the member to manage his or her account from Pay Pal. We do not have access to this.

All payments are non-refundable, only access for the month of payment is guaranteed. Data is subject to change at any time and for any number of reasons.