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Use your skills to change the world. When founder Steve Down saw the opportunity to use his skills as an entrepreneur to turn the food service industry into a force for positive change, he ran with it. Then a team of millennials got involved, foodies followed, add a handful of passionate non-profit directors. and the idea became a sandwich shop, became a catalyst for real, sustainable change. Our founding team is not exclusive. Our hometown has been a bigger influence than any textbook, decade or viral trend. Around here, skill isn’t distilled into just one role. Our social media director Sara wrote the operations plan for our donation process. Creative director Jamie handcrafted our darling child JP Grilled Cheese (and she’s allergic to cheese). General Manager Jason built our merch area out of barn wood and industrial pipes, and Trevor splits his time between store managemenle tend to do, we’ve managed to coalesce all of this rampant passion around a common belief: when everyone has their basic needs met, an abundant world results. s of purposeless work. Sounds like a pretty selfless idea. But let’s not forget: it feels good to do good.We’re looking forward to peaceful initiative, back by popular demand.

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