Agile Software
Development AND
360° Solutions

Under a Single Roof

We work with a full spectrum of the latest technologies, combining both front-end and
back-end solutions to provide you with 360° services.

Under A Single Roof

Software Development

Our developers may be off-shore but, thanks to our synergized and efficacious integration, the experience will equal to having us by your side at all times.

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We have been working in the field of Applied Robotics using Computer Vision to develop industrial solutions.

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Languages & Frameworks

With years of experience and hundreds of projects completed, our programming abilities permit our clients to safely trust us with their most complex development projects.

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Why vteams?

We offer well trained, dedicated, software engineers that work in full stack cross functional teams. The complete spectrum of development technologies and services we work in, coupled with a solution oriented and sustainable approach, allow us to offer intuitive and resourceful project management. Our on-shore correspondents, situated in hubs around the globe provide immediate response to all our clients bringing us global exposure and involving us in multiple industries.


Autopilot puts a team leader in control of your app’s development. You tell the team leader what kind of app you want and they’ll do the rest. So, you’re in complete control of your project without having to pursue it through the development cycle.

360 Reviews

A solution customized to your business needs can be instrumental in gaining the competitive edge. Each industry has its own dynamics and you require a sustainable but specific solution that covers every angle.

100% Scrum

Thanks to the integration of SCRUM your development team under Nextbridge can keep pace with the constantly evolving needs of your business and adapt the best development plan for your business needs from concept to deployment.

No Charge on R&D

R&D comes free with each quotation. We invest our resources in studying the latest technologies and the role they can play in solving problems. So, you don’t pay until the development on your project begins.

The Best Nerds In The Business

Our approach is simple; cross-functional collaboration and constant improvement. We invest in our people so you don’t just get a well-trained team of developers, you get the support and insight of experienced engineers and business analysts.